​Experience the benefits of therapeutic massage in 30 to 120 minute sessions
with licensed/registered/insured massage therapists​
30 minutes (reflexology only) - $45.00
60 minutes - $90.00
90 minutes - $145.00
120 minutes - $180.00​​​​

​Swedish Massage

Best for relaxation, stress relief or first massage

Deep Tissue Massage
Best for chronic pain and tightness in muscles

Sports Massage
Best for preventing and treating injury while enhancing athletic performance

Pre-natal Massage
Best for decreasing swelling, relieving aches and pains, or easing the physical and emotional stresses of pregnancy

Infant Massage​​
Best for promoting sleep and relaxation in babies and small children; reduces crying

Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy
Best for localized adhesions (knots) and relieving severe pain

Reflexology Massage
Best for general well-being and especially relaxing for the feet and hands

Reiki (Energy Therapy)​​
Best for maladies that have proven to be difficult to diagnose; hidden ailments

*Hot Stones Massage​​
​Best in relaxing knotted muscles with the subtle effect of heated stones
Chair Massage
Best for reducing tension that can develop in workplace situations

**Body Contour Wrap
Best in tightening & toning the skin; improving blood circulation and
​​eliminating cellulite

***Avocado Facial Massage​​
Best in soothing tightness and diminishing frown lines. Produces a youthful glow in skin

****Lavender Infused Dead Sea Salt Foot Scrub​​​
​Best for exfoliating, moisturizing and invigorating dry, tired feet.

*****Scar Removal Massage Therapy​​
Best for diminishing scars on the body. Our proprietary blend of essential oils and pure creams make the difference​

Hot towels and the best organic lotions and/or oils are used in all massage therapy sessions

Professional female and male staff  

Beautiful relaxing music

Oakworks massage table with 4 inch padding

Call for Corporate and Mobile Massage Rates at your location
The Pamper Zone Massage Therapy Clinic
We get the issues out of those tissues
*Hot stones massage is priced at $100.00 for 60 minutes, $150.00 for 90 minutes and $200.00 for 120 minutes.

**Body contour wrap is priced at $35.00 per section​​ - total of 6 sections @ $210.00

***Avocado facial massage is priced at $50.00. 

****Lavender infused Dead Sea salt foot scrub is priced at $50​​​​.00.

*****Scar removal massage therapy is priced at $15.00 per 2 inch issue.
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